Award-Winning Research


As of 2019, FutureSkills has been awarded multi-year funding by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) to pursue our research initiatives.

SSHRC Insight Grant

Our funded plan focuses on one of SSHRC’s future challenge areas: how to help Canadian citizens thrive in an evolving society and labour market through new ways of learning.

With this funding we plan to: expand our research on ALMPs (active labour market policies) in Canada; interrogate the efficacy of co-op, internship, and other workplace-integrated sources of training; examine best practices in online-assisted learning; collect and assess varying definitions of ‘21st century skills’; and turn a critical lens on market-based educational pedagogy.

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SSHRC Partnership Development Grant

This grant allow us to deepen established partnerships with a number of educational, post-secondary, and personnel support services involved in the education and training of current and future workers.

Bringing these diverse organizations together will provide a more nuanced, ‘big picture’ idea on how best to prepare for the future of work. Namely, the partnerships allow for the collection of data and program-evaluation information related to a wide range of individuals across many time periods in the life cycle.

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